Monday, March 28, 2016

Offering Storage -Making Your Home a Hotel Diue for Women

Offering Storage For Women in Need - Making Your Home a Hotel Dieu for Women!

 Often women who need to enter a shelter lose all their belongings because they have no money to pay for storage.
Do you or your church have space that is empty and not being used? Could you help a woman in need by offering free storage space? It costs you nothing extra and provides a  very important service.
Don't have any extra space?
How can you help women without space?

Ways to Help Women When You Have No Extra Space

Could you volunteer your truck or van or even your assistance to move belongings for a woman in need? Perhaps there is another way you could help women in need.
Ask God to Open rhe eyes of your heart to  Guide your hands, your words, and your feet.
Contact your local shelter and church today and let them know about your willingness to help.

Hotel Dieu for Women Fauquier - Offering Storage for Women in Need!

Here, in Fauquier Ontario, we contacted the Victim Services in the local area, as well as the local shelters and posted an ad on Kijiji. We prayed and asked God to show us people who could use this service and we were lead to overhear a young woman who was having to get rid of all her belongings to move into a room after her divorce.
It is surprising who in your community will need help. 
Next week we plan on contacting the local churches to offer our help.

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