Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hotel Dieu For Women 2016 Update! Thank You!

Miracles from People Like You!

Update: Thank you to everyone sending donations to help keep this dream alive!
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People ask me how things are going here in Northern Ontario - we are plugging along!  There is so much that has happened that it is difficult to get it all into words.
Here is a bit of an update:

If you are new here, you might be wondering what is a Hotel Dieu for Women?

Hotel Dieu for Women - non-profit respites for women and their children are a project of Refurbished Homes by Refurbished People. Dry, smoke-free respites offer a place where women can get the wind back in their sails - "Whether for an hour, a day, or a season - a place where women can BE and see themselves through the Loving eyes of G-d."
Refurbished Homes by Refurbished People operates as non-profit foundation aiming to assist people in being refurbished 5 Ways through the Love of Christ as they refurbish homes.

Hotel Dieu for Women 2016 Accomplishments

Now in our second year, we have accomplished the following through some amazing miracles and support of people like YOU!
Here is a YouTube slide Show with some pictures from 2016.

As you can see we could use a volunteer to help with this!
Here is a brief list of what we have accomplished:
We have established:
  • Food bank - An extension of Cochrane Food Bank and donations by travelers and residents 
  • Layettes for Babies in Need Program - Thanks to Kawartha Fenelon Mission, Cameron Community Church, Gary Fergusson of Omemee Christian Outreach. 
  • Clothing Depot - Thanks to Kawartha Fenelon Mission, Cameron Community Church & Melanie E.
  • Emergency Beds - Thanks to Kawartha Fenelon Mission, Cameron Community Church, Melanie E. & son. 
  •  Night drop in - Board games, cards and a friendly ear. 
  •  Educational Centre and skills exchange. 
  • Travelers Aid Station - Welcoming Ontario Northland passengers, stranded motorists and offering an indoor picnic area and washrooms.
  • Indoor Greenhouse - Thanks to Kucheran's Botanical Garden, Kapuskasing YIG, 
  • Community Dinners - Thanks to the Cadieux family of Smooth Rock Falls 
  •  Laundry Facilities - Thanks to Mark Mallet of Timmins and friends 
  • Sewing Room - Thanks to John & Jenny of Fauquier 
  • DVD Bible Studies- Thanks to Max Lucado, Cochrane Food Bank, Coun. Anne Kucheran 
  • Uplifting Library - Thanks to Cochrane Public School and Hope Fellowship Church in Courtice. Sunday English Language 
We have very special thanks to:
  • Guy Durette and family who helped us find our home and gave a VERY generous donation , 
  • Donald LaMontagne and Denise Jolie of Fauquier who also gave a VERY generous discount on the price and the 2nd mortgage! 
  •  Sherrie Gatenby. of Omemee who has made generous donations of kitchen supplies and bedding and been a tireless fundraiser for us. (Her efforts even helped pay our Hydro Bill.) 
  • Pastor Ralph and Beverly Whyte of Cameron Community Church who donated beds, bedding , furniture, and transported a van and trailer full of donations here and have been spreading the word about our efforts here. 
  • Angela Keenan of Lindsay who has donated hours of social service worker support and secretarial support. 
  •  Revivalist George Jenkins who put hours of labour into helping us set up our non-profit foundation -(number is pending) 
  • Our neighbours who have cut the grass and blown the snow out for us since my major surgery for cancer last year took a bit of my energy away.
  • Steve Huet of Fauquier who welcomed us and helps us with translation.
  • Jim & Mario Brunet Fauquier- Invaluable assistance with repairs.
  • Lucien - Digging us out with his snow plow.
Our next steps?
  • Welcoming refugees - We have listed our home with Air BNB
  • Create a Fit Stop for Truckers - to re-energize and not fall asleep at the wheel. 
  • Expand the Food bank with sustainable food programs : Grocery delivery program, community kitchen, Community indoor greenhouse and garden
  • After hours Welcome and Information Center.
  • Creative arts centre. Where artists can create art and sell it. 
  • Alternative energy resources to cut expenses.
If you would like to be a part of what we are trying to establish. There are many ways you can help. The most important thing you can do ?
Here is our prayer list:
  • New 1st Mortgage or funds to pay off the mortgage. 
  • Willing hands to make our home even more welcoming. -flooring, bedding, plumbing, sewing, sorting,cleaning, running the online auction
  • The people who need our help to find their way here. 
  •  For us to wisely use the resources we are being entrusted with and help other families establish Hotel Dieu for women in their homes.

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