Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Who Robs Food Banks? 

Sometimes life is more exciting than you want.
First, the bad news - we were robbed. 

Please read to the end for the good news.

Who Robs a Food Bank?

We recently had a person come to Hotel Dieu for Women who was supposed to be a volunteer who had been in a battered women's shelter.
Long story - short : I  was kept awake for 4 days and nights straight, drugged, then hauled off to a emergency ward then a mental health unit based on the lies of the volunteer.
When I finally got  home, the volunteer had taken my phone, emptied the food bank and my cupboards, and swapped shoddy items for my clothes and furniture.
Fortunately,  I am alive. Unfortunately, the police are refusing to take a statement.
This has been a huge learning experience and new volunteer policies are being put in place as well as food security policies.

Good News - Our Outreach Continues

Our corporate sponsor -Swagbucks has generously increased the amount we receive when people sign up through our link to $5 for the month of March!
You Get $5 too!
We are pleased to be also be supporting some worthy missions through this program too.
We tithe back 10% to missions in our Share the Love Program with Swagbucks. 
Angela Keenan will be receiving a $25 Gift Card this month to help with her missions work. Congratulations Angela for being our top sponsorship  participant!

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